Skydive Holiday was established by British Skydiving Champion and James Bond stunt double, Barry Maple. Barry has completed over 4150 skydives and has been skydiving for 12 years. He has been qualified as an AFF instructor, Tandem instructor, Static line instructor, IAD instructor and safety and training advisor.

Barry is also a qualified fitness instructor and can give you some very helpful exercises for your lower back. This helps the arching position you have to adopted when in freefall on your skydives.

Barry works with other highly qualified instructors to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable skydiving holiday.

Scotty Milne

Scotty Milne of Active Skydiving is an ex Red Devil, 5 times British Champion and has over 10,000 jumps and 25 years experience. Scotty is also a British parachute association examiner. You will meet Scotty on our AFF and formation skydiving courses.

Brian Vacher

Brian Vacher of Safe Flight School teaches canopy handling and has over 7200 jumps.

Mike Carpenter

Mike Carpenter has over 5,000 skydives and has represented Great Britain seven times at international competition. Mike is your instructor for freefly and wind tunnel courses.

Alec Cotten

A highly experienced flyer and coach, one of the four original IBA instructors to work at Airkix he is a trainer, Instructor and Pro Flyer with over 4 years wind tunnel coaching experience and over 2000 skydives. Skilled in all elements of bodyflight he can take you rapidly from a complete novice to advance head down flyer, ensuring your fun fast and safe progression.

AFF course pictures